ShortBot Revisited

Decided to re visit an older character for the purposes of animation. Here is a slightly revised shortbot;



The main change that you may notice is the head. The old design took inspiration from an old welding mask but this would prove to be a pain to animate in different poses so it was replaced with the round head he has now.
A few more changes are to his hands and colour scheme, toning it down a bit to fit into a more industrial background.
I will probably do further work into this design, I may age him a bit so he doesn’t look so new.

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Dragon head concept

For a while now I have wanted to draw dragons, they have always been my favourite mystical creature and I am surprised I never drew them before. So during one of my cafe drawing sessions (I find that they create nice environments to sketch in, with some clothed life drawing to boot) this creature design began to flow from my sketches. From there I decided to do a textured render of the beast.

Pencil Sketch

Render of sketch

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Hello, my name is Stuart Little and welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find various works from my projects through college right up to my recent self developed works. I will update with new drawings and animations as soon as they are completed, making sure the portfolio is as up to date as possible.

Any questions or queries please refer to my email found in the contacts section.

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