Beware of the Guard

This section contains designs and development work from “Beware of the Guard”, my 2011 graduate film.

Hero and Guard interacting in the only way they know how

For my short film I wanted to create a conflict between two characters, inspired by the classic Hanna Barbera and Warner brothers shorts . I was also interested in using a fantasy medieval setting for my film, giving it that old fable feel.

This is a short trailer I made for my film that is found on the DvD, it proved successful during the degree show, allowing viewers to quickly get a taste of what the film is about.

As part of my hand for college in we had to show the development process of the film, so “The art of Beware of the Guard” book was made.

Development book of the Film

The following images and pages are taken from the book.

First drawing of Hero, far away from the final designs

Heros final design

Heros various expressions

Guards various expressions

The unused designs for Damsel

The unused designs for the lift goblin

Character sheet for Hero

Character sheet for the Guard

This is the poster used during its showing at the degree show.

Poster created for degree show


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