Modern Character Design

This page contains images of characters that I have created that fit into a more modern setting.

Samson from Tagged

Early design of “Samson”, a young street artist from an animated short “Tagged”.

Character “Simon”, from a work in progess title, smacking a zombie head off with his trusty baseball bat.

Ben and Corbit

Ben and his conpanion Corbit, having adventures in suburbia.

Shortcut robot;

A little repair robot design I created for a new animated short called “Shortcut” which follows a repair robot as he races to fix a seeminly urgent mechanial problem.

Early concepts for shortbot

Personally I prefer his designs without a mouth

Short-Bot making his way across the machine landscape.







Here is a proposed colour scheme for Shortbot. The Blue/Brown colour scheme is to go along with the regulated colours for UK wiring.

Shortbots colour scheme



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