Fantasy Character Design

This page contains artwork that has a fantasy medieval theme to it, inspired by the style I used in Beware of the Guard.


Galahad is a 21 year old human male who has just recently been knighted and granted the region of Erimont to look over. He loves the heroics of knighthood and the renown it gives but is utterly bored by the more civilised aspects of knighthood.

Initial design of Galahad

A different take on Galahads design

Sketch of Galahads refined design


Tobias is Galahads enthusiastic squire, just as brash and hot headed as Galahad himself, Tobias wants to become a hero by saving a damsel in distress, which has got him in a fair share of trouble.

Tobias the hearty squire


Seleen is a cold hearted elven tracker who always has a fierce desire to collect her bounty.  She prefers ambush attacks and stealth which greatly conflicts with Galahads more frontal “Knighthood” approach.

Seleen the elven tracker

Seleen and Galahad finishing off their hunt

Dragon hunting knights;

I gave these two knights bulky armour so they can withstand a dragons attacks and large lances so they can deal the final blow.

Dragon Hunters

Giant Ogre;

The bane on villagers existence, well, one of the banes anyway. These rather stupid monsters have been known to trample entire villages without even realising what they are stepping on, it is not uncommon to see arrows and spikes in their hides because they just haven’t registered the attacks.

Giant ogre

Beast Design

I wanted to play around with designs for a beast character, I wanted him to be big but I didn’t want to give him bulky arms. After a bit of experimenting I think I got down to a design I can work off of.

Beast design

Beast Expressions

Galahad and Beast


Every story needs an antagonist, mine is in the form of a necromancer. Still working on parts of his design but I feel it is coming along well.

Necromancer designs


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